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Finishing projects and our goals for this year -
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I’ve had a busy summer….
I got engaged, I been traveling a lot with my work and spent a month in Germany with my family, saying goodbye to my grandmother. It has been a good summer even though the summer has been hectic and sometimes very sad. My boss gave me an extra week of holiday, so that I could be with some of my family. And the work related traveling gave me the opportunity to bond with some of my (stille relatively new) colleagues and students. It held a lot of moments that I’ll treasure for a long time to come.

From my trip to france and sweeten with my work.
From my trip to france and Sweden with my work (the picture of me and the one of the red house is from Denmark though)..

At the same time my fiancé and I decluttered our home and renovated our bedroom.

Before, during and after the renovation.


And we set up individual goals for this year: 

  • I’m (still) not allowed to shop unnecessarily things
    (especially clothes. I’ve been downsizing approximately 2/3 of my wardrobe, aiming for a capsule wardrobe).
  • I have to finish some of my nine knitting projects and mend some some of my clothes
  • My fiancé wanted to set up his old guitar workshop and music studio.

So far he has succeeded, while I managed to mend my clothes, finish a sweater, two pair of socks and a shawl. I bought a pair of running shoes though, but my old ones weren’t cut out for running anymore, so they’re retired. I’ve kept them for garden work, then we’ll see how long they last. Luckily I won’t have to buy new running shoes in a long time.

This was it for now. Take care everyone!

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