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Small everyday efforts for the environment -
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I believe that climate changes are real and as long as I remember I’ve been worrying a lot about them. Even as a child. I’ve been thinking about what we do at home in order to limit our carbon footprint and trash contribution on this planet and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Limiting single use products

We’re not a zero waste home by any means. But we try to make green choices and limit single use products. It’s a waste of ressources to use single use products and the fact that overwhelming amounts of packaging ends up in the nature and ocean is a serious motivator for us. Seriously who’s attracted by sight of landscape or ocean filled with plastic? It makes me incredibly sad…

If I was to buy another cup I would go for one out of steel, but I’m not going to replace it as long as it isn’t broken. We have two of them at we use them everyday when we’re walking the dog or going places.

The print on my canvas bag says “lærer”. It’s the danish word for “learning”, “teaching” and last but least “teacher”. My fiancé and I are both teachers. He has a background as a security guard and a degree in electronic engineering, but decided to become a teacher instead. I originally have a MA. in german studies and global transformation studies. I’ve always said I wouldn’t become a teacher, even though people often told me I would be a good one It was a coincidence I ended up becoming a teacher anyway. While looking for a job I taught German at a little private school two hours a week. The school ended up creating a position for me – even though their funds were small. I love them for it, because it was here I found out that teaching was the right path for me. It was my calling afterall. I now work at another school. A special school for kids and young adults who have had a hard life with mental illness, abuse, neglect etc. It’s a hard job, both physically and psychologically, but I love it. I feel like I’m making a difference!

The beeswax wraps were made by a local woman. They’re made of (surprise) beewax and old cotton scraps. I traded them for some hand knit socks. We were both happy with the trade!

I made the dishcloths myself. They last forever and I love them. My oldest are 5 years old and they still look as if they were new. You can find the pattern here. It’s in danish, but if you’re able to knit and purl, then you’ll just have to follow the diagram. Happy knitting 😉

Saving electricity 

We’ve reduced our electricity bill by about 33%.
The two things that really helped was switching all our light bulbs to LED bulbs. And switching our TV. My fiancé got a new TV for his birthday a year ago. I wasn’t impressed – not until I saw how much money we saved every month. It turns out it’s way more energy efficient compared to our old one. I’m a big opponent of electronic waste, but luckily we found a new home for the old TV, so it didn’t end up as waste.

Another tip is only to boil the amount of water you actually need. As you can see I keep a thermos in the background in which we keep the exceeding water, which can be used for a cup of tea or coffee later in the day. And I have to say that I absolutely love my boiler which can be temperature regulated, which is perfect when you’re brewing white or green tea.

… speaking of tea…

We love tea. And I’m not minimalistic when it comes to tea. Not at all. I have a cupboard and two shelves full with tea. But as I said: We love tea. And we drink a lot of tea and tea makes a perfect gift for friends and family. I buy most of our tea at a local art and tea shop, which sells organic tea. The shop is incredible cosy and old fashioned. It’s like stepping 70 years back in time. I might share some picture of it some day.  In the summer you’ll be able to find me in flower fields, herbs for tea 😉

Tea shelves Tea shelves

Urtetes buket









Next time I’ll show you some of our summer projects. We’ve been renovating, fixing up furniture, repairing clothes, bags etc.

Thank you for reading.




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