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About Creativus -
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Creativus means “create” in Latin 

Today I’m happy and I’ve found peace with myself. It has been an ongoing journey to towards a simpler, more minimalistic and sustainable life. This blog tells my story and invites you into my thoughts and shows you af glimpse of my everyday life.   

My name is Liv. I’m a 27-year old woman living in Denmark with my fiancé and our dog Sigge. 
I grew up in a environmental home. My father was a windmill designer for Siemens and my mother an organic farmer and roof thatcher. The electricity in my childhood home came from his mills and (almost) everything we ate was homegrown – even the livestock. They were very aware of the footprint they set on the planet. Fun fact: He is an extreme minimalist, while my mother was a “collector” – almost a hoarder. I’m somewhere in-between longing for less things and a simpler life.

How my journey started:

My mother got mentally sick and changed her personality. It cost her her marriage, close friendships and even her family. I often feel I lost my youth worrying about her. It wasn’t easy being 21 years old realizing you had to take care of your mother financially. Luckily my father decided to help, even though they weren’t together anymore. But she was the love of her life and she still is. Now she’s better, but she will never be same again and I know we’ll probably have to take care of her for the rest of her life

“Create” became a keyword for me. I felt I was drowning and I was stressed out. I was studying and working at the same time. Some things had to change. I quit my job, finished my studies and found a job I actually liked. Then I started to declutter my home. For each thing i let go I felt relieve. I also started knitting again. I always had issues concentrating, but knitting helps me focusing. And it has helped me a lot. It’s like meditation. 



As of summer 2018 I decided to stop shopping unnecessary things: I’m only allowed to buy new items if I don’t already have something which can replace it. If I need something then I’ve to try get it second hand first. And if I can mend broken things, then I’ve to do that instead of replacing it with something new. 


  • I’m allowed to buy materials for knitting, sewing and restoring furniture etc. 
  • E-books  (I’ve given many of my books away in order to free some space).